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HEBAU products enhance and protect concrete


We are passionate about concrete, especially about the concrete that remains visible to the human eye. Our products enhance and protect this kind of concrete.


HEBAU-products have special functions, triggered by concrete chemical technology to enhance and protect concrete surfaces, e.g. by creating special aesthetical, functional and tactile surface characteristics.


Fields of application are prefabricated concrete and cast-in-place concrete known as decorative concrete, architectural concrete, aesthetical concrete, fair-faced concrete, terrazzo...


HEBAU-products are used for


We know that good-looking concrete is special. HEBAU cares for this speciality. Our focus and advantages are


What makes us different too, is not just our products, but also the expertise and know-how which we have collected and built up over decades. This helps our R&D to create products and our staff to advise our customers quickly and reliably, either in a post-project, during production or in a trouble-shooting situation, where we will and like to "get our hands dirty".

Mr. Marcus Herrfeld
Since 1989 in the company
Since 1991 shareholder
Since 1996 managing Director









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D-87527 Sonthofen

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