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Skin peeling - can make concrete prettier, too



One alternative, particularly popular with planners and manufacturers of precast concrete products, is so called acid-etching. The result is a natural stone-like look and haptic and a surface which is hardly recognizable as concrete. And this is how it works: First you   produce a smooth concrete surface (structured formwork is also possible). After demoulding the concrete surface is prepared by saturating with water, followed by the application of the MICROGEL®, a special acid-gel. The materials used have an acidic pH-value and react with the surface-near alkaline cement. This leads to a neutralization and so a micro-thin layer of the concrete surface can be removed via water-pressure and the sand/aggregate matrix underneath the concrete skin is revealed uniformly, giving the concrete surface a   special look. The depth of this acidification is approx. 0.3 mm and is therefore much less than the results which can be achieved e.g. by sand blasting.

Microgel instructions step-by-step

Acid-etched concrete surfaces have following advantages:

We offer 5 different MICROGEL® versions, in order to cater ideally for individual application requirements. Our technical consultants provide examples of suitable concrete mix designs, give advices about the dos and don'ts, offer support during testing with samples, can give seminars to your staff ...


And we even thought about that, too:

The water which is used for the acid etching process usually does not require any special treatment.


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