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High-performance release agents for smooth,
form-finished concrete - simply a must!

High-Performance Trennmittel für Sichtbeton

Smooth, form-finished concrete surfaces are "sensitive souls". The concrete mix designs, the production process, ambient conditions and many other factors affect the success of the smooth, fair-faced concrete project. Admittedly, some of these parameters are very difficult to control. What is relatively easy to control and define, is the choice of the mould release agent, which also has a decisive influence on the surface quality of the concrete skin. Discolouration and micro-pores are often caused due to the use of an unsuitable release agent (demoulding oil) and/or by a wrong application of this product. So: it has to be a high quality concrete release agent, designed and made for form-finished, fairfaced concrete - no excuse!

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WABICON® HP is a biodegradable, solvent- and mineral oil-free release agent for immaculate concrete surfaces. After drying, a release film is formed, which prevents the adhesion of the concrete to the mould and allows for the production of a smooth, pore-free, stain-free and dustfree surface.


WETCAST-FormFluid® HP is a special release agent for the production of decorative pieces of concrete made in plastic or rubber moulds (ABS, PU, silicone, latex, etc.) where often concrete with a high slump or self-compacting characteristics is used. The compatibility with such moulding material has been certified by leading mould manufacturers.

Fields of application:

WABICON® HP is used for concrete with high demands on the concrete surface skin, especially smooth, fair-faced concrete. The special active ingredients separate the mould and the concrete physically, not just chemically like standard demoulding oils do.

WABICON® HP is suitable for all types and kinds of steel, wooden and plastic moulds (including a built-in corrosion protection for steel moulds) and is even suitable for use in vertical concrete casting situations.

WABICON® HP can be used in prefabrication operations or at construction sites using ready-mixed concrete.

Fields of application:

Prefabricated concrete, mainly decorative concrete used for gardening, landscaping, urban furniture and suchlike.


Best concrete surface skin quality. The durability of the mould is increased and the time required to clean the mould is reduced to a minimum.


Protects the sensitive mould material. Suitable for different concrete mix designs and concrete colours. Allows the production of a high-quality concrete surface skin. Allows good and easy demoulding without leaving residue in the mould and even works reliably if the demoulding time window changes. Works reliably, is easy to apply and to spray, has a short drying time and is very efficient and economical.


WETCAST-FormFluid® HP is also available as a concentrate.

In general: When applying demoulding agents a low consumption rate and to apply only a thin film are best for the quality of the concrete surface.



An appropriate sprayer is very important to achieve this. HEBAU has therefore configured its own sprayer, which is specially optimized for low consumption volumes.


Enquiries and sales via telephone +49/(0)8321/67360 and mail@hebau.de.

High performance mould release agents:

WABICON® HP for best concrete surface skin quality, water-based
PARTIKON® II for best concrete surface skin quality, solvent-based
Suitable for smooth, fair-faced concrete produced in smooth or structured moulds of all kinds (steel, rubber, coated wood ...). Can be used in precast operations, as well as on construction sites using ready-mixed concrete.
WETCAST-FormFluid® HP for best concrete surface skin quality, water-based
Suitable for prefabricated decorative pieces of concrete, which are made in sensitive plastic or rubber moulds (ABS, PU, silicone, latex, etc.) by using concrete with self-compacting characteristics. Also available as a concentrate.


HEBAU's sprayer for mould release agents. Special sprayer with non-corroding components and a special nozzle/tip for best control of low consumption.

We also recommend:

Admixture ARCON-Fluid+Plus For semi-self-compacting/self-levelling concrete.
Surface protection by protectivecoating COLORTEC® finish Protects concrete surface against rain and weathering.


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