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Surface Protection -
The "Outdoor-Jacket" for concrete


If it's raining you wear a raincoat or take an umbrella. This should also apply for concrete if you have decided to use concrete on the outside of your building, because the concrete surface will be exposed to rain and weather. Sooner or later the results of this weathering will show.

If buildings look good and wellkept from outside, this contributes to the value of the property and so it is worth spending a few minutes to study your possibilities.

Depending on the location and surface properties, efflorescence, moss, colour fading, frost damage etc. may bother you sooner or later. If you cannot make friends with this "patina", here is the good news: You can do something to ensure that the concrete looks as good as new for a long time and it is actually quite simple. Instead of a raincoat or an umbrella you use a HEBAU protective coating for your concrete. How this works is shown in the diagram.

How this works is shown in the diagram

There are 3 options:

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For producers of precast concrete: Apply a water-repelling protective coating "in-line" to protect the surface before arrival at the construction site. Can be applied onto smooth, fair-faced surfaces or exposed aggregate, acid-etched, polished, sand-/shot-blasted ... finishes. Especially suitable for precast concrete, cast stone, paving stones/slabs, terrazzo ...

Later on at the construction site: Apply a water-repelling protective coating on cast-in-place concrete after installation/completion of the building. Especially suitable for formliner-textured or smooth, fair-faced surfaces.

And always: Consider applying an anti-graffiti coating, especially onto surfaces which are outdoors and accessible for passers-by. PROWALL® can be applied onto all kinds of wall surfaces (even steel, wood, ...). Tip: PROWALL® is compatible with previously applied COLORFRESH®/COLORTEC® protective coatings.

Our technical consultants give individual advice about the dos and don'ts, offer support during testing with samples, can give seminars to your staff ...

By the way: We at HEBAU have been delivering products to protect concrete surfaces effectively and user-friendly since the 1980s and we see ourselves as pioneers in this method to increase the value of concrete surfaces.

And one more thing: Our products for the protection of concrete surfaces do not contain any solvents.


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